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Getting Help


SproutCore has a vibrant community full of friendly folks willing to help.  If you have questions, comments, suggestions or want to contribute, here are the best places to start:


  • sproutcore@googlegroups.com:  The SproutCore mailing list is the best place to reach everyone.  It's generally low volume with high signal to noise ratio.  
  • #sproutcore on IRC freenode.net.  There are usually a few dozen people hanging out, including many of the members of the core team.
  • SproutCore Wiki.  The wiki has a lot of the documentation, including some great programming guides.
  • Online Docs.  In beta - you can also find the SproutCore docs inline in the SproutCore source code.
  • SproutCore Tasks.  SproutCore's own ticket system for tracking defects and feature requests.  Signup to add your own.  (By the way, Tasks is a SproutCore project.  It's source code is available on Github.)
  • SproutCore Blogs and Links.  


Getting Code


All of SproutCore's code can be found on Github

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