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Wiki-Editing Guidelines

Page history last edited by Charles Jolley 15 years ago

TODO: Flush out this page more.  Here are some quick and dirty guidelines.


General Guidelines 


  1. If you are adding a page related to a project, begin your page name with "ProjectName-".  For example, if you are adding a page titled "Outstanding Issues" for the Bitburger project, name it "Bitburger-Outstanding Issues".
  2. If you are adding a page related to a programming guide, begin your page name with the guide name.  For example, all pages for the "Datastore" programming guide should begin with "Datastore-".


Field Notes


If you just want to add some notes that will be useful for other developers (first of all, great idea!), put it in the "FieldNotes" section.  This is meant to be unstructured content that can grow more organically.  Follow these guidelines:


  1. Begin your page name with "FieldNotes-".  ex "FieldNotes-How to create a controller"
  2. Link to your page from the FieldNotes main page.

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