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Page history last edited by Charles Jolley 14 years, 9 months ago

Welcome to the View Programming Guide.  This guide will tell you everything you need to know about working with Views in SproutCore.


Who Should Read This Guide


This guide is for anyone who is building a SproutCore application and who needs to create custom views.




  1. About Views
  2. Using Views
  3. Drawing in views
  4. Handling Events
  5. Working with Panes
  6. Working with CollectionViews
  7. View Reference

Comments (4)

Daniel_Kehoe said

at 5:35 pm on Aug 17, 2009

This page mentions "ViewBuilder" which I believe does not yet exist. Maybe remove the reference until it is released, to avoid confusion?

Charles Jolley said

at 5:51 pm on Aug 22, 2009

Good point. Removed.

Marcos Contreras said

at 12:52 am on Feb 11, 2011

There is a plan for build a "ViewBuilder"?

Thomas Bartelmess said

at 5:42 am on Feb 11, 2011

You don't have permission to comment on this page.