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This page descibes the 1.0 release of SproutCore specifically.  To learn more about the overall purpose of SproutCore, visit the About the SproutCore Project page.


The purpose of the SproutCore 1.0 project is to create the first official stable and generally usable release of the SproutCore platform.  This means an average-level developer with no prior experience with SproutCore should be able to easily create and deploy a basic Cloud Application that runs on all modern browser platforms.  Additionally, changes after the 1.0 release will be carefully controlled so that code written for the 1.0 API will continue to function with few changes on future releases.


This is a complex project with several sub-components to it that must be completed.  This page tracks the overall progress for SproutCore 1.0 along with its sub-component.


Current Status


The core code for SproutCore 1.0 (i.e. Bitburger and Abbot) is in beta state.  Mostly bug fixes remain.  All of the goals for this part of the project were met or exceeded.   


The overall SproutCore 1.0 project is not in beta state yet because documentation, sample code, and website revisions are still to be completed.  See the related projects below for specific status on each component.


Quick Links


  • History.  Backstory.  This will help you understand the project’s development so far.
  • Requirements.  What requirements must be satisfied for SproutCore 1.0 to be “complete”


Related Projects


The following projects are tracking the development of independent pieces of the SproutCore 1.0 project.

01 Bitburger

BETA The JavaScript framework. Includes any of the code that will actually run in the browser.

02 Abbot

BETA The new build tools.  Includes the command line tools to generate a built HTML5 Application along with a Ruby library that powers it.mac data recoverymac data recoverymac data recoverymac data recoverymac data recoverymac data recoverymac data recovery

03 Ace

IN-PROGRESS New default theme for SproutCore 1.0

04 Sierra

PLANNING Sample tutorial apps and demo code

05 Dogfish

PLANNING Reference documentation.  Reference docs are documented in the source and must be generated onto the web.

06 Sea Dog

PLANNING Programming guides.  Wiki-based documentation that describes how to use each piece of the platform.

07 Boulevard

ALPHA Update website.  Unified theme across wiki, blog, and main website.  New introductory/marketing content to help new developers get going and to explain how to manage the basics.


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