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This is the current rough planned release schedule for SproutCore.  The Roadmap covers major releases and high-level features only.  Minor features, bug fixes, and features contributed outside of this roadmap may result in additional releases not covered here.  A release for the purpose of this roadmap means the code is available for install via Rubyforge.


2009: SproutCore 1.0

  • First major API freeze. -- future versions of SproutCore should strive to maintain backward compatibility with this release.
  • Incorporates all major lessons learned from past major releases.  Must address key performance concerns and missing API features.
  • Must introduce unit testing for all major parts of the framework.
  • Must include documentation for all major parts of the framework.
  • Certain classes that appear in 0.9.22 may not appear in 1.0 but may be deferred until later in order to allow a high quality release.


Related Projects:  Bitburger (Javascript code),  Abbot (Build tools)


Future: SproutCore 1.1

  • Include major classes deferred from 1.0 that are needed by community. (this list will be fleshed out more)
  • SC.TableView
  • View Builder - The core technology for creating an "Interface Builder"-like designer is done in SproutCore 1.0.  We just need to build the actual View Builder app.


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