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Quilmes is the umbrella project for the SproutCore 1.1 release.  SproutCore 1.1 includes a set of progressive enhancements on top of the SproutCore 1.0 (aka Bitburger) release.  It includes updates to both the JavaScript and Build Tools


Current Status


Planning stage. We are currently identifying features that will go into this project.


Nominated Features 


The following enhancements are current nominees for SproutCore 1.1.  In general to be nominated a feature must have someone willing to work on it.  Features can remain in this list until they are completed (in which case they will definitely be in the release), or they may be bump to SproutCore 1.2 if they do not make it in.


Bug fixes are not tracked as part of this project.  Bug fixes are added to the master branch as they are submitted and periodically released as new builds into the gem system.


  • Animation.  A basic API for animating at least the size and position of views. Now in SC master.
  • FormView.  Automatically generate forms based on the input model and a config.  See Quick links.
  • Uploader.  Allow the user to drag and drop in files, upload multiple files at once, etc.   See quick links.
  • Ace 2.0. A new version of Ace. Photoshop work welcome. See quick links.
  • Renderers. A concept which separates rendering logic from views to, amongst other benefits, make them fully themeable.





  • Charles Jolley, Juan Pinzon, Tom Dale
  • Alex Iskander
  • Arthur Chafonov
  • (Add yourself here if you are working on a feature for SC 1.1)


How to get the latest code


git clone git://github.com/sproutit/sproutcore.git
cd sproutcore
git checkout -b quilmes origin/quilmes

This should copy the latest remote "quilmes" branch (origin/quilmes) to your own local "quilmes" branch and switch your working directory appropriately. You can verify this with git branch if you see an astrix besides 'quilmes', then you're good.


Quick Links



Related Projects



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None at this point


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