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Page history last edited by gramby 13 years, 11 months ago

Welcome to the SproutCore Wiki


This wiki contains documentation and training materials on SproutCore and its related components.  It is maintained by the community.  If you want to edit a page on this wiki, please read the How To Edit the Wiki 

Quick Links



 SproutCore Documentation Guidelines




We have tutorials to get you started!


  • Hello World - everyone has one.  Actually in this one you will build a clock.
  • Todos - 0 to full app in just a few minutes.  You'll even hook up your app to a real server.  Do this to get acclimated to SproutCore.
  • Basic TableView Tutorial.  - Create a basic table view.

    Reference Documentation


    Draft reference documentation is now available!  Find it at http://docs.sproutcore.com


    This reference documentation is generated automatically from the SproutCore source code.  It has not been fully vetted for both technical and formatting errors so expect to find bugs here and there. If you run into trouble, you can always find the original documentation by browsing the SproutCore source directly.


    As always, please help make SproutCore better by enhancing the documentation!  If you find an area lacking, just grab the SproutCore source and add the docs yourself.


    Programming Guides


    Programming guides contain the official documentation for how to use the SproutCore API and Build Tools in your project.  This material is currently under heavy development and reflects the SproutCore 1.0 API.


    01 The Basics

    Get introduced to the basics of writing a large-scale desktop-class application using SproutCore along with general programming practices that will make your applications smaller, more manageable and more responsive.

    02 Runtime The runtime provides property observing, bindings, and a basic object model help you keep the various states of your application in sync without writing glue code.  They also form the basis of many higher level API's in SproutCore.
    03 DataStore The DataStore is the new model layer API provided in SproutCore 1.0.  Learn how to model your data, connect it with the server and manage changes to your model across your application.
    04 Views Views provide a comprehensive framework for building and managing the user interface in your application, with built in support for keyboard control, drag and drop, focus management, drawing and more.
    05 Build Tools Learn how to use the SproutCore build tools to prepare your application for production and how to customize them to fit your needs.
    06 Unit Testing Use SproutCore's built-in unit testing features to improve the quality of your code and to make it easier to maintain.
    07 Doctools Documenting your code will make it easier for you or others to maintain your code over time.  Learn everything you need to know about using SproutCore's built-in Doctools in your own code.
    08 Deployment Learn the best practices for deploying SproutCore applications along with any backend technology you might use.
    08 JavaScript Style Guide It's not just what you say, it's how you say it!  Learn JavaScript style conventions that make your code both more readable and maintainable. 


    API Reference


    The API reference will be published here automatically whenever a new release of SproutCore is published. Until then, please visit http://localhost:4020/sproutcore/docs on your own machine to see the API reference.  [Integration Forthcoming]




    The pages linked in this section contain notes and other planning documents used by developers working on the SproutCore source itself.  These pages will be useful to you if you plan to hack SproutCore or if you just want some idea of what things are planned for the future.


    01 Roadmap

    Current planned releases and their general feature sets.

    02 SproutCore 1.0

    Main page for overall SproutCore 1.0 efforts. Start here for info on 1.0 development.

    04 Abbot SproutCore 1.0: Next generation build tools
    05 Ace SproutCore 1.0: New default theme for SproutCore
    06 Sierra Sample tutorial apps and demo code for SproutCore 1.0
    07 Dogfish Reference documentation
    08 Sea Dog Programming guides
    09 Boulevard Updated website
    09 Quilmes SproutCore 1.1
    10 Greenhouse

    Interface builder for SproutCore (oh yeah)

    11 Vikingblod

    (OS X only) SproutCore launcher, frontend for the build tools

    03 Bitburger SproutCore 1.0: JavaScript framework
      Move projects here when they are no longer active


    Field Notes


    Field notes is the unstructured part of the wiki where other developers working on SproutCore have left hints tips and tricks to help you get going!


    the main Field Notes page ยป

    Comments (6)

    Pedro Luz said

    at 7:05 am on Aug 29, 2009

    is this the documentation that we are suposed to learn from ????? http://www.sproutcore.com/documentation/

    Maurits Lamers said

    at 7:12 am on Aug 29, 2009

    Hehe, no, luckily not :)

    There are two main sources at the moment, one being this wiki and the other is the #sproutcore IRC channel on freenode.

    Joshua Dickens said

    at 11:07 am on Aug 29, 2009

    Dave said

    at 7:16 pm on Nov 26, 2009

    I assume by and large any links to random dudes' blogs that are hidden in random text should probably be deleted? I pulled a couple out just now.

    Bob Sander-Cederlof said

    at 8:18 pm on Feb 17, 2010

    I have been finding and undoing numerous sneaky additions of hidden links to some uk site about essays. Mostly written by "Humphrey" whose profile says has an email address of alelliotte@gmail.com
    Seems to me he should lose editing priviliges, because he is adding these changes in such a way that they are difficult to even find.

    Robert Allard said

    at 11:19 am on Jul 18, 2010

    Any chance I can get mode precise instructions on generating the Sproutcore documentation on my computer?
    The above instructions: " Until then, please visit http://localhost:4020/sproutcore/docs on your own machine to see the API reference." don't help me much.
    I want it on my computer in the hopes that it will be searchable from there (unlike the web version which is not, unless I don't know how).

    I have properly dowloaded sproutcore with the "sudo gem install sproutcore" and my applications work.

    I believe I dowloaded what I needed from Sproutcore from github when I followed the git dowloading instructions for Greenhouse.
    When I run sc-server from /abbot/sproutcore/docs and load http://localhost:4020/sproutcore/docs, I get:
    RuntimeError at /sproutcore/docs
    Don't know how to build task ''

    Ruby /var/lib/gems/1.9.1/gems/sproutcore-1.0.1046/lib/sproutcore/buildfile/task_manager.rb: in [], line 56
    Web GET localhost/sproutcore/docs

    I am running on the latest Ubuntu software.
    I also have a Windows 7 installation where I can't get it to work either.
    I did install the ruby development module.

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