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External Blogs

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In addition to the documentation on this wiki, you can also find some great resources on other sites.  If you have a blog, or just a blog post you've written about SproutCore link it here so developers can find it in the future!


SproutCore-Focused Blogs 


  • Frozencanuck - In-depth posts on views, KVO and more.
  • Holts.prototype - More in-depth coverage of SproutCore topics.
  • It's Got What Plants Crave - The original third-party SproutCore blog.  Loads of info here.
  • SproutCore Blog - The official SproutCore Blog.
  • Core Web - All about SproutCore, but sometimes overloaded with posts iterating on a design.
  • SproutCore Hacks - Tips, tricks, and workarounds.
  • SproutCore Gyan- Tips, explanations & workarounds.
  • Tenthousand Sprouts- Tutorials, Tips and explanations from a developer using SproutCore.
  • Sproutcore Playground - a site where anyone can create, edit and run sproutcore examples in the browser also includes documentation with user contributed examples
  • Sproutcore Recipes - a site which is basically my own personal notes on sproutcore combined with common patterns and how you might do them in sproutcore
  • Sproutcore Newbie - Simple tutorials and dev tips.  I write them as I learn them.
  • blog.haagen.name - A blog about SproutCore and Java technology and how to combine the two.
  • Nextfinity Dev Blog -  Blog featuring many SproutCore posts


SproutCore news aggregators



Individual SproutCore Blog Posts and Links



If you've written an individual post - add it here!


Posts in Other Languages



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